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  • What is a co-op?
    A co-op is a democratically run business that operates for the benefit of its member owners. 7 Principles of a Co-op
  • Why be in a co-op?
    Farm Bug Co-op offers normal people an opportunity to operate in a market that takes millions to enter with business practices you can be proud of.
  • Why invest in a co-op?
    Because co-ops have a much lower failure rate than traditional businesses, you have a greater chance of return on your investment. 60-80% of traditional start-ups fail after the first year versus only 10% of cooperatives. After 5 years, 90% of cooperatives are still in business versus 3-5% of start-ups. Source: Jessica Gordon Nembhard, 2014, Benefits and Impacts of Cooperatives. White Paper, February 2014.
  • Can I sell my cannabis to your Co-op?
    No. You need to be a Member of the Co-op in order to benefit from its services.
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