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Farm Bug

Together, we will grow.

We are an independent worker–owned cooperative formed to grow and advocate for organic, sustainable, small batch craft cannabis. Our policies and practices fulfill this mission by working in the best interests of the people, plants & planet.


  • We are “grower forward,” and honor the hard-earned expertise of veteran cannabis experts and the professionals who support them with fair compensation.

  • All co-op members participate in the direction of the company.

  • Co-ops directly address income inequality, one basis for current civil distress.

  • We recruit and source locally whenever possible.


  • Beyond organic cultivation

  • Varieties customers want in the forms they want it

  • Individual plant attention

  • Careful, patient processing


  • ​Our building choices are driven by long term conservation goals

  • Our cultivation uses natural processes and organic ingredients

  • We’ve set “Zero Waste,” clean emissions, and 100% sustainable energy targets

Farm Bug Co-op brings together experts in cultivation, commerce and community with a unified vision: healthy plants for happy people to heal the planet.

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